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Boat trips to Lanzarote

Surrounded by the stunning Atlantic Ocean, there is no better way to explore Lanzarote than on a Lanzarote boat tour. From fun-filled Lantharote boat tours for the whole family to exclusive Lantharote catamaran cruises, you'll have fun getting from one island stop to the next. If you want to see other neighboring islands you can even visit Fuerteventura and La Graciosa. Whatever ferry trips to Lanzarote you need, TravelON World has you covered!

Catlanza Lanzarote boat trips

One of Lanzarote's longest-running boat tours, Catlanza has two luxury catamarans that will take you to Lanzarote's best spot, better known as the Papagayo beaches. No matter which team you belong to, we have the best options for you. If you are with your family, you can take itFamily cruise to the beaches of Catlanza PapagayoThis is perfectly designed for enjoying with your family. You can get tooCatamaran Catlanza for adults only, You ride the same boat but you won't see anyone under the age of 16 so you're guaranteed a relaxing and peaceful day on the best boat trip in Lanzarote!

Who is Catlanza Lanzarote and why are their boat trips among the best?

Catlanza has been offering boat trips in Lanzarote for years and is Irish owned. Departing from the marina in Puerto Calero, they are the standard for a Catlanza day trip, as Puerto Calero is home to some of the most luxurious yachts in the Canary Islands. A day trip with Catlanza is just perfect, after years of running these Lanzarote boat tours they have perfected everything. For the kids on the family cruise, the crew will take care of your little ones with pirate games, and on the adults-only Platinum Sail you'll feel like a millionaire for a day.

Lineas Romero Lanzarote boat trips

Lineas Romero is the island's largest company when it comes to boat trips in Lanzarote and all things to do at sea. The fleet of Lanzarote catamarans and Lanzarote boats is huge. They are a family business and started out in La Graciosa where they operated ferry services to and from Lanzarote at Caleta De Sebo before founding the Lanzarote to Fuerteventura company offering a variety of tours and experiences that have made them leaders in Lanzarote round trips made with ships. For the full range of boat trips to Lanzarote, Fuerteventura and La Graciosa go toLateral Romero LinesIf you book a ferry trip to Lanzarote, chances are you'll be joining one of Lineas Romero's ferry trips.

The best catamaran trips in Lanzarote for families

TheI love the papagayo catamaranis an adventure that guarantees fun for you and your family! This Lanzarote catamaran excursion takes you from Puerto Del Carmen to Papagayo Bay and is perfect for people of all ages. There are many fun activities such as kayaking, inflatable mats, swimming and snorkeling while enjoying one of our Frozen cruises on this amazing Lanzarote catamaran.

Boat trips from Lanzarote to Fuerteventura

As if your holiday in Lanzarote wasn't enough, you can also come to Fuerteventura in the same holiday! yes you can come hereFrom Lanzarote to Fuerteventuraand you have three ways to enjoy it. You can only book a ferry trip or a bus trip. However, if you want to explore Fuerteventura on a different level, join one of TravelON World's Fuerteventura tours, e.gSand dunes Lanzarote Fuerteventuraand enjoy the best experience on the island!

Ferry from Lanzarote to Fuerteventura

We work with the best Lanzarote Fuerteventura ferry owned and operated by Lineas Romero, one of the most famous Lanzarote tours and ferry companies on the island. The fast ferry from Lanzarote to Fuerteventura is specially designed for you. No cars, trucks and buses and no stress, just relaxation on the day trip through Fuerteventura. That's allLanzarote ferry connectionThey also offer a free shuttle pick-up service. So if you don't have a car or can't get to Playa Blanca to catch the ferry this is ideal. If you have a rental car, be sure to check your policies as most if not all rental car companies say you are not allowed to take the car off the island.

Boat trips Papagayo Lanzarote

If you go on a luxury catamaran cruise in Lanzarote then you will most likely head to the famous Papagayo beaches. This is where most catamarans anchor in Lanzarote as the bay is stunning and quite picturesque. With a wide range of water activities such as swimming, snorkeling, but also jet skiing and banana rides, you are sure to have a great time on the water! The perfect way to enjoy Papagayo's beaches is by sailingI love the papagayo catamaran cruisewhich takes you on a 5 hour bar and lunch cruise. Experience the ultimate luxury in Lanzarote waters only with TravelON World.

From Puerto Del Carmen to Puerto Calero

If you want to travel from Puerto Del Carmen to Puerto Calero and vice versa, there is a taxi boat that you can take that runs several times a day. Forget the typical car taxis and opt for a much more fun and affordable way to get around. You can spend a day in either Puerto Del Carmen or Puerto Calero and simply collect your taxi ticket. Reserve yoursTaxabad Puerto Del Carmen Puerto CaleroTickets and get a mini cruise and an amazing experience.

La Graciosa Lanzarote boat trips of a special kind

If there's one place you absolutely must visit when you're in Lanzarote, it's La Graciosa. Located north of Lanzarote, this hidden gem is small with just 500 residents. You will know how unspoilt the island is as there are no roads. To get to La Graciosa you can takeLa Graciosa-Schiffsince it runs every day. There is also a bus or catamaran pick-up service that allows you to explore the island on an expensive luxury catamaran called I Love La Graciosa. This is the flagship of all Lanzarote boat tours, so rest assured it will be great!

The Papagayo Waterbus is one of the boat trips in Lanzarote that is currently closed

This day is now closed but it was a very popular day. Lineas Romero works with the authorities to get him back. So keep checking back with us to find out when it reopens. Another great way to get to the beaches of Papagayo is to take the water bus from Playa Blanca. From the port head to Marina Rubicona and then straight to the beaches of Papagayo if you come in the summer months. After the Papagayo Beaches excursion, hop on the water bus and enjoy the Marina Rubicon Market, open every Wednesday and Saturday. Seats on one of Lanzarote's best ferry trips are very limited, especially if you're visiting during busy months. So book your seats in advance, only at TravelON World.

U-Boat Lanzarote

At only 15UbadsafariOne of them is native to Lanzarote! Get ready for the most unique excursion on the island and dive 30 meters under the sea. AtYellow Submarine Lanzarote, see thousands of species of fish and even pass two shipwrecks. And if you're lucky, you might catch a glimpse of a giant woodchuck. You are sure to take the best Instagram photos as there is a porthole for every two people, so each passenger has the best possible view!

Party boat tours in Lanzarote

For all young and lively people who want to party on the island, you can scale up your party on Lanzarote's only party boat, the Splash party boat. As you head out of Puerto Del Carmen, prepare for a day of crazy partying. With DJs and an exclusive bar, you'll be ready to party the night away. Loaded with entertainment, this voyage is guaranteed to make the sea your dance floor. Since Covid 19 these Lanzarote boat parties have been put on hold but if you want a Lanzarote boat trip that is upbeat, has music and an exclusive bar we recommend youI love the papagayo catamaran cruise.

Sunset boat tours in Lanzarote

There is no better way to see the sunset in Lanzarote than by the sea, it is one of the many attractions on the island that are truly spectacular and trust us on thatSunset boat trip in LanzaroteIt's the best view, the most romantic and just wow!

Boat trips from Lanzarote to Los Lobos

New to our Lantharote boat excursion offering is the Los Lobos Ferry, which departs from Puerto Del Carmen and takes you to this amazing island on a super fast and super cool Lantharote boat. This is a very popular boat tour in Lanzarote. We therefore recommend that you book in advance if you wish to continueLobos Biosphere Jet Pool.

Boat trips to Puerto del Carmen

As there is a port in Puerto Del Carmen, there are many boat trips to Lanzarote. Remember that boats in Lanzarote have limited space. Advance reservation is therefore recommended. Here are the biggest and best boat trips to Puerto Del CarmenI love the papagayo catamaran cruiseand the small taxi boat from Puerto Del Carmen to Puerto Calero. There is also a boat tour company in Lanzarote called Biosfera that also offers many boat tours from Puerto Del Carmen. They're called Lanzarote Sea Tours and they do everything from Los Lobos to sunset cruises with whales and dolphins. All of this can be booked on this Lanzarote Boat Tours page.

Boat trips to Costa Teguise

As Costa Teguise does not have a port, all Costa Teguise boat tours pick up from or at your accommodation and take you to Puerto Del Carmen or Puerto Calero, which are approximately 45 minutes away. The closest and best ferry ride from Costa Teguise isI love the catamaran La Graciosa. This departs from Orzola and is closer to Costa Teguise, making us very convenient for ferry trips from Costa Teguise

Boat trips to Playa Blanca

In fact, there are two places in Playa Blanca that offer a variety of boat tours: the main port and cruise terminal of Playa Blanca and Marina Rubicon. From Playa Blanca Port you can take the many Lanzarote ferries to Fuerteventura, but Marina Rubicon has plenty of private catamarans and boat trips to Playa Blanca, as well as a water sports center in Lanzarote. Renting a boat in Lanzarote is ideal if you are traveling with a group as it is often better value for money than the longer boat trips to Playa Blanca.

Book a private boat rental in Lanzarote

If you are traveling in a group or just want to do something special, renting a boat in Lanzarote can be great value for money. With private catamarans and private boat rentals, Lanzarote lets you enjoy boat trips just with yourself and the people you care about. Not only is it more exciting, but the entire boat or catamaran ride is yours. You can book many different onesPrivate boats and catamarans in LanzaroteOn this page you will surely find the best private boat rental option in Lanzarote for you.

The best boat trips in Lanzarote for families

All Lanzarote boat tours are suitable for children and of course you are tooCatamaran Catlanza for adults onlyIf you do not want to have children on the boat at all, we recommend looking for Lanzarote boat tours that are suitable for children and familiesmini cruiseor even the taxi boat. If you want to spend a whole day and prefer a Lanzarote catamaran, we recommend youI love the papagayo catamaran cruise.

The best Lanzarote boat tours for adults and couples

When it comes to Lanzarote boat tours for adults, it has to be one of two things: the amazingI love La Graciosa. If you want to take a catamaran cruise in Lanzarote without the kids, there really is only one and this is itCatamaran Catlanza for adults onlyBoth are incredible day trips and among the best boat and catamaran tours in Lanzarote.

How to book your place on these Lanzarote boat trips

Whichever Lanzarote boat tour you choose, you can rest assured that you will have a great day. TravelOn World offers our customers only the best, whether it's a family boat trip, a catamaran trip to Lanzarote or a simple inter-island ferry crossing, our Lanzarote boat trips will be one of the most beautiful days of your vacation. Simply select what you would like to do, on which day and let us know where you will be staying so we can arrange your pick up. We secure your seat, send you your travel tickets and are ready for whatever you need. Book with confidence with TravelOn World.

Space is very limited on all Lanzarote boat trips

Booking is very simple, all you have to do is follow the simple 1 2 3 booking and checkout system. Keep in mind that boat trips to Lanzarote fill up very quickly due to the increasing number of tourists. As such, places are very limited and advance reservations are required. For more information, seeLanzarote boat tripsin TravelON World and boat trips to another island.

Frequently asked questions about boat trips to Lanzarote

What are the best boat trips in Lanzarote?

The best boat trips in Lanzarote take place in Papagayo and there are quite a few to choose from such as the I Love Papagayo boat and the Catlanza Lanzarote catamaran. The boat trips in La Graciosa are also great. If you are a large group, a private catamaran is best for you and offers better value for money.

Can you charter a boat in Lanzarote for a Lanzarote trip?

Boat hire in Lanzarote is ideal for groups and the small private catamarans can accommodate up to 12 people and the larger ones can accommodate more people. By far the best value for money for groups is a private catamaran rental in Lanzarote.

Are Lanzarote boat tours all included?

Most Lanzarote boat tours include all food and drinks, a pickup from your accommodation or nearby, and water sports and activities.

Are there boat trips to Lanzarote for adults only?

Catlanza Lanzarote catamarans feature adult-only sails and specialize in exclusivity and quality.

Do you need to book boat tours in Lanzarote in advance?

Yes, we strongly recommend booking in advance, especially in high season, as space on catamarans and boats is limited.

Where do the ferries to Lanzarote depart from?

Most catamaran and boat tours in Lanzarote depart from Puerto Del Carmen or Puerto Calero. Unless you take the Graciosa catamaran that departs from Orzola.

Is there a group discount on Lanzarote boat tours?

If you are part of a large group of more than 10 people, contact us and we can offer you different options.

Are ferry trips to Lanzarote covered by hotels and accommodation?

Yes, all ferry trips to Lanzarote will pick you up either at or near your place of residence. If you want, you can also go your own way.

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