Five trim levels of the 2015 Nissan Altima include additional safety features and a more efficient 3.5L V6 engine – Vehicle History (2023)

Matt Wolfe

6 January 2022

In addition to some minor changes to standard equipment, the 2015 Altima received more convenience and safety features on select trim levels. Nissan also improved the fuel economy of the Altima models with the V6 engine.

Five trim levels of the 2015 Nissan Altima include additional safety features and a more efficient 3.5L V6 engine – Vehicle History (1)

Central points

  • Mostly a holdover from last yearNissan Altima 2015Some popular features have been made standard on some models to offer buyers better value for their money.
  • The 2.5 and 3.5 SV models now feature an eight-way power driver's seat with dual lumbar support. Fog lights are also standard on the 2.5 SV models and all SV and SL models were fitted with automatic climate control.
  • The 3.5 SV and 3.5 SL trim levels received NissanConnect with GPS navigation. Safety features such as blind spot monitoring, moving object detection and lane departure warning are now standard on these trims.
  • All 3.5-liter V6 models posted EPA-estimated highway fuel economy and combined fuel economy by one MPG compared to previous years. The 2.5-liter engine still offers the best fuel economy figures at 27 mpg city, 37 mpg highway and 31 mpg combined.
  • Option packs remained largely the same, although the Technology Pack is no longer available on the 3.5 SV and SL models, as its contents are now standard equipment on these trim levels. The only new feature is an electrically adjustable driver's seat package for the 2.5 S models.

The 2015 Nissan Altima adds value with new standard safety equipment as well as improved fuel economy on V6 models

With the 2015 version of the Altima mid-size sedan, Nissan seemed to appeal to budget-conscious buyers. As well as standardizing some of the most popular convenience features across all trim levels, Nissan has also made additional driver safety features available on select top models. Nissan engineers also managed to improve the performance of the 3.5-liter V6, which resulted in better fuel economy on the highway and in combined traffic.

The option packages remained largely unchanged, but the content of the technology package is now included in all 3.5 SV and SL models and is therefore no longer available for these equipment variants. A new package has been added for 2015: a Power Driver's Seat package for 2.5 S models.

Five trim levels of the 2015 Nissan Altima include additional safety features and a more efficient 3.5L V6 engine – Vehicle History (2)

Higher trim levels add more standard equipment to the 2015 Altima, and optional packages add a premium audio system, remote start and a six-way power driver's seat.

The trim level hierarchy for the 2015 Altimas starts with the 2.5-liter model, which comes standard with a 182-hp 2.5-liter I4 and CVT transmission. Also included in the 2.5 is traction control, remote keyless entry and Bluetooth connectivity. The 2.5 S model is the next level and features neat automatic headlights, a cabin air conditioning filter and cruise control.

2.5 S buyers can also choose the Sport Value package (16-inch alloy wheels, remote start and rear spoiler), the Display Audio package (premium sound system with five-inch color screen).NissanConnect, USB port and satellite radio) or the aforementioned Power Driver's Seat package, which adds a six-way power driver's seat with a pocket on the back.

The 2.5 SV model upgrade offers more optional features than the 2.5 S options, as well as 17-inch wheels and dual-zone climate control. The 2.5 SV is also available with a comfort package and technology package. The convenience package includes a power glass sunroof, rear air conditioning vents, an auto-illuminated mirror and ambient interior lighting. The technology package includes Nissan's navigation system, blind spot monitoring, moving object detection and lane departure warning.

The top trim level of the 2.5L I4 was the 2.5 SL, which featured leather upholstery, a Bose premium sound system, heated front seats and a heated steering wheel. The 2.5 SL can have the same technology package as the 2.5 SV, as well as a sunroof package.

Five trim levels of the 2015 Nissan Altima include additional safety features and a more efficient 3.5L V6 engine – Vehicle History (3)

2015 Altima 3.5 S, SV, and SL trims add a 270-hp 3.5-liter V6 engine, paired with a CVT with paddle shifters

Buyers want something specialaway fromYou can choose between the 3.5 S, SV or SL trim levels, which add a 270 hp 3.5-liter V6 engine combined with a CVT with paddle shifters and manual mode. Standard equipment for the 3.5 S model includes 18-inch alloy wheels, a six-way power driver's seat and an improved sound system. The 3.5 SV models have sports navigation, 7-inch color touchscreen, power sunroof and dual-zone climate control.

The top-of-the-line 3.5 SL shares the heated leather seats and steering wheel, Bose sound system and LED taillights with the 2.5 SL, but adds HID headlights and a wood or metal interior.

Mechanical revisions increase the fuel economy of the 2015 V6-equipped Altima, but still follow the 2.5-liter engine

Nissan engineers made some revisions to the 3.5-liter V6 engine, resulting in aNet gain from one mpg EPA highway and combined ratings. The new figures for the V6 engine were 22 mpg city and 32 on the highway, for an overall rating of 26. However, these numbers are still well behind the 2.5-liter I4 models. 2.5-litre models are rated at 27mpg city and 38 highway, for an overall rating of 31.

The 2015 Altima is a great value buy regardless of the engine, but the 3.5 still wins

With a wide range of trim levels and engines available, the 2015 Nissan Altima offers excellent value for buyers looking for an entry-level sedan or a more luxurious cruiser. Although there have been few changes compared to the 2014 model, they create a more attractive package and strong competition to the competing offering fromToyotaAndHonda. Ultimately, the updated 3.5-litre engine will offer the best driving experience, particularly given its slightly improved MPG values ​​compared to previous years, which now puts it within the range of the four-cylinder.

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Frequently Asked Questions

WithLika Margvelashvili| 6 January 2022

What does SV mean on the 2015 Altima?

The SV trim level of the Nissan Altima represents the 'standard' in the 2015 trim level. It is equipped with a 2.5 liter four-cylinder engine and Xtronic CVT. In addition, the Altima SV 2015 has a driver assistance display and Bluetooth hands-free technology.

Does the 2015 Nissan Altima have a sunroof?

The 2015 Nissan Altima has a sunroof, but it's only standard on certain trim levels. Both the 3.5 SV and 3.5 SL come standard with a power glass sunroof with tilt and one-touch controls.

How many speakers does the 2015 Nissan Altima have?

In the 2.5 level of the Nissan Altima 2015, the car has a four-speaker sound system. The 2.5 S, 2.5 SV, 3.5 S and 3.5 SV models all have six speakers. Instead, the 2.5 SL and 3.5 SL models feature a nine-speaker system for the ultimate listening experience.

owner ratings

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Brian E 9. September 2021

The 2015 Nissan Altima SL is a great car overall.

I highly recommend the 2015 Nissan Altima (2.5L Sport Luxury). It's a really nice car with a sharp exterior design. The interior is nice too. The vehicle has black leather seats that are comfortable and beautiful. The controls and main unit are simple and easy to use. There is a mini-screen on the dashboard that contains useful information such as lane detection, compass position, tire pressure and mileage. In terms of performance, the car is excellent. The car has no trouble gaining speed, especially in Sport mode. The car also exceeds gas consumption. I manage to consistently hit 30mpg which really helps. Overall I would definitely recommend this car to anyone on the market.

Carl J on July 20, 2021

The Nissan Altima 3.5 SV is nice and clean and I love all the features it has!

The performance of the car is amazing. It runs very quietly and has excellent mileage on the road. The reliability of the car is also good. All you have to do is replace the battery in the wireless start remote, and that's usually the biggest job alongside replacing brakes, oil and tires, all of which are protected through normal wear and tear. The comfort is amazing! The leather seats with sunroof and the windows are also good. They don't stop halfway if you miss them like other vehicles do. All in all I would buy this car again and it would be worth it. I would definitely recommend the Nissan Altima to anyone. It also has quick start performance if needed.

Andres A 2. August 2021

Comfortable, reliable and luxurious 2015 Altima S

This car is a great vehicle for commuting and road trips. With comfortable seats, great fuel economy and great air conditioning and radio! I love the convenience of the rear camera. It has taken me on more than 7 road trips and has never let me down. I had an accident with this car and the front bumper is broken, it caused some problems with the radiator fan, but even with these problems the car is easily repaired and keeps running perfectly! During my daily commute it runs perfectly with no noise, vibration or other issues, the steering is light and acceleration is excellent, you can really accelerate and hit highway speeds in no time. MPG is great.

Alisa B 19. October 2021

Review of the Nissan Altima SL 2015

The issues I have with the vehicle are that the rear seat recline requires you to place a rolled up towel under the car seat in order for the car seat to recline properly and the seat belts have a small button in one place who does this Baby seat cannot be attached properly. It works very well. Very smooth ride and very good gear changes. Great acceleration and braking. It's very comfortable and I like the heated steering wheel and nose audio system. It offers a decent amount of space and a large trunk. I'm quite tall and sit comfortably in the driver's seat

Meredith F 25. August 2021

2015 Nissan Altima SV: fuel economy, comfort and style in one car.

My Altima is one of the smoothest cars I've ever driven. The mileage is good and it doesn't cost much to refuel. I like being able to start my car from the inside and let it warm up or cool down depending on the weather. It notifies me when maintenance is required, which is especially helpful as I can forget such things sometimes. It is very spacious and comfortably sleeps 5 with a large truck capable of transporting all your essentials. Overall I am very satisfied with my car.

Carrie I 25. June 2021

Great fuel economy and very comfortable! 2015 Altima SL

The reliability of the Nissan Altima 2.5 SL 2015 was great. I have had no issues with regular oil changes and routine maintenance. I've clocked over 100,000 miles and it's still going great! It's very comfortable with a leather interior, heated seats, auto-illuminated mirrors and a heated steering wheel. The only thing I wish for would be the auto-dimming exterior mirrors. Has great fuel economy, a great sound system and plenty of legroom. The driver's seat can even be adjusted up and down

Mercedes T on July 1, 2021

I have a 2015 Nissan Altima S.

This car is the best. It's recoil starter, front wheel drive, drives great, brakes are great, it's big and roomy and I feel like I have so much space. The back is roomy so it's good for travel and gives those behind it a little freedom of movement. I like the fact that I can adjust the seat so I can see over the hood. Heat and air conditioning work accordingly. The engine is so quiet I forget to turn off my car. Overall the best car I've ever owned. I highly recommend it.

Lindsay T am 7. November 2021

Most Beautiful and Reliable Car: 2015 Altima S

I really love my car. I love the way it looks. Very sporty. Runs great! Very reliable. The engine is quiet. The air conditioning blows very cold, on a hot summer day in the south. Features are another thing I really enjoy. Such as surveillance camera, bluetooth, steering wheel control, tire warning! The back seat is also very spacious, larger than in a crossover. The trunk is larger than an average car.

Laura M on December 14, 2021

I would never buy anything unless it was a great Nissan Altima SV.

I really didn't have a big problem. The only thing I had to replace is a left tail light. The speakers are not good in these cars. Otherwise I love it, especially the fact that it has double air conditioning. And how can I raise my seat? The interior is very spacious and the mileage is very good. I like the trunk too. With the seats folded down, a 65-inch TV could be accommodated.

Brady W 10. September 2021

2015 Nissan Altima S

I have had no problems with this car and have owned it for about six months. It achieves excellent mileage at around 38 mpg on the highway and 27 mpg in the city. I drove easily 450-500 km before I had to fill up. In addition, the front seats are very comfortable and there is plenty of space in the rear. All in all, it's a very impressive car from Nissan.

Kevia B 27. October 2021

My amazing Nissan Altima!

My new 2015, I bought it brand new. It's 2019 now, I've just clocked 100,000 miles from recently starting my commute. All I had to do last year was replace the battery, new tyres, a headlight bulb and recently windshield washers. I don't have any dashboard lights or anything. I honestly can't imagine driving anything else.

Stacy R on July 16, 2021

Great price and technology package. 2015 Altima SL

I love Altima 2.5 SL. I love the SL package with all the updated technology at your fingertips. I love the leather seats. This vehicle has everything that is possible in a vehicle. The fuel consumption is unbelievable. I average 35 miles per gallon in the city. The price of this vehicle and the options that came with it made me buy it.

Ariana R 31. October 2021

The elegant and stylish Altima SV 2015.

The car's design is stylish and reasonable, the seats are comfortable, the car drives well, the sound system is great. The only issue I have is that the rear seat legroom is a little tight for an adult but fine for kids. And if you have a car seat behind the passenger in the back, the legroom in the front is a bit tight, but tolerable.

Jose L on July 6, 2021

In summary, the 2015 Nissan Altima SV is a decent car.

There really aren't that many problems with my Nissan at the moment, personally I think it's a decent one-person car. The comfort of the Nissan is quite good for me personally, there is a lot of space in the back seat, which is good for the family. The special features of this car are that it has Bluetooth and sunroofs.

Carrie B am 12. November 2021

Great car with great gas mileage: 2015 Altima SV

to the brim Great fuel economy. It has heated seats and steering wheel. Sunroof. Backup camera. Bluetooth with excellent sound system. tilt control. It's so quiet. Electric driver's seat. rear heater. cruise control. Sporty driving mode. The trunk is huge. Very roomy in the car. Flashing signal in the side mirrors. Security system.

Carlos G. 16. June 2021

Review of the Nissan Altima S 2015

Very reliable on long journeys, runs well on petrol. It requires minimal maintenance. It's very comfortable and the best feature in my opinion is the rear camera. I would recommend this model to everyone. It is easy to drive and the dashboard gives you a lot of details for maintenance.

Lex F on July 18, 2021

Super reliable Nissan Altima SV with a smooth ride and comfortable seats!

Very reliable, good fuel economy, the outer metal is weak and doesn't hold up and easily splits. The basic sound system is excellent and the air conditioning and heating are also very reliable. Very smooth and comfortable ride and comfortable. Spacious luggage compartment and rear seat. Adjustable steering wheel with easy access.

Jamie B on December 26, 2021

The Altima S 2015 always starts in cold weather

I love my 2015 Nissan Altima. It's reliable and I can always count on it to start even when it's -25 degrees outside. The only thing that bothers me about my Nissan Altima is that the rear cameras sometimes flicker. I'm sure it's just a loose connection and will probably be easily fixed.

Angela L 8. October 2021

Space and fuel efficiency of the Altima S 2015

Personally, I'm not particularly into limousines. However, the Altima is a good choice as it's reasonably economical and the 2.5 S is tailored to the customer. My Altima has the aftermarket sound system. The cargo space is sufficient. There is enough space for a small family of four to travel comfortably.

Tanis P 1. October 2021

Great car for a family that puts comfort first! 2015 Altima S

The Nissan Altima 2.5 runs great on petrol. This car runs smoothly. I bought this car brand new and only had regular maintenance done in the 4 years that I have owned it. It is very spacious, if you are a very tall person, you don't have to worry about legroom. In addition, the luggage compartment is very spacious.

Linden W 1. October 2021

2015 2,5 s Nissan Altima.

It runs well, we had the problem of the tire falling off but we fixed it, it runs smooth over long distances and handles petrol well. It has heated seats and a heated steering wheel. It is spacious and sleeps 3 in the back, there is plenty of room for luggage. brakes are good.

Travis E 28. October 2021

Overall Nissan Altima SV rating from the certified owner.

Great car with good fuel economy, great features, push button start, auto starter, spacious and comfortable. The trunk offers a lot more space than it looks from the outside. Dash has a lot of cool features. Features XM/FM radio capabilities, Auxiliary ports and phone connectivity capabilities.

Carly W on December 14, 2021

2015 Nissan Altima SV, the car that goes fast.

No problem, enjoy excellent fuel economy performance. It's very fast and will take you to any destination you want to travel to. Very reliable, never had any problems with Nissan. Very spacious car as it is a sedan, sunroof is an added bonus, window tinting looks great on this vehicle too.

Drew R 26. June 2021

The Altima SL 2015 has excellent fuel economy performance.

The 2015 Nissan Altima is the most reliable car I have ever owned. Gasoline mileage is pretty good for a mid-size car. These vehicles are available at reasonable prices. I have not done any major repairs on this car. Just keep track of your oil changes. Recommended.

Teddy W am 16. November 2021

2015 Altima SV with great features.

The Nissan Altima is economical, safe and reliable. It was easy to service and I had no problems with the vehicle. It's comfortable and I've done a lot of road trips. It has a cold weather package, sunroof and satellite radio.

Matt Wolfe

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  • The five trim levels of the 2015 Nissan Altima include additional safety features and a more efficient 3.5-liter V6 engine


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